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Since 1990 Eurek | Electronic Engineering is a Company that deals with the also produces samplings and pre-series by assuring a full management or in a partial way for manufacturing purposes both for the traditional technology (PHT) and the superficial assembling (SMT).

Eurek | Electronic Engineering can supply finished and tested products, too. We produce completed and refined and tested boards on request of our customers. We can also customise the packaging when required.

Production and assembling are made thanks to automatic lines and tested with optical inspection and X-ray machines.
Thanks to our tools and equipments together with our expertise and cooperation and synergy with the design department, we can correctly assembly even all the components considered as “critical” [BGA, QFN, 01005, Package on Package, components of big dimensions (maximum 135 mm) and weight (maximum 140 g)].
We can supply a complete service of traceability on request.
We deal with control, measure and automation circuits. We count on a well-equipped inner laboratory where we create prototypes and make tests and analysis. We make functional tests with laboratory equipment and tools made to design and product what the customer requires.

Our main clients consider our Company as their Free Pass Supplier and we are proud of this consideration.
We take care about the deliveries: they must be on time and we also guarantee the customer an efficient technical assistance and support.

Thanks to our qualified and always available staff, we can work together with your technicians and support them in order to improve and make the test and production standards more efficient.

Our Tools & Equipment

2 Serigraphic ESE US-2000X

1 pick&place MYDATA MY200 SX

1 pick&place MYCRONIC MY300 SX

1 Vapor Fase oven ASSCON VP800

1 Vapor Fase oven BLC 620

1 machine AOI control TRI 3D model TR 7700QE

1 18/5000 wave soldering machine SEHO SYSTEM 8040

1 x-ray machine FOCALSPOT mini V

1 rework machine model ST-6200-SA

1 climatic chamber model FED400 of BINDER


Quality is not an abstract concept for us but a useful system to design, start and improve the whole productive process as to guarantee an effective timely co-operation easy recognisable by our customer.

The update to ISO 9001:2008 has simplified and made our quality system easier – it gives the chance for the customer to analyse and improve the whole management in detail. Download the Quality System here.

Our Quality System was granted the
certification of conformity with ISO 9002
standards as September 1998.
From January 2010 we have switched over to
ISO 9001:2008.

Values Schedule

Inside our working team, we follow the sharing of methods, plans and projects, problems and goals because we think that it is possible to get a work perfect result if only we work together.

Eurek Electronic Engineering follows the absolute respect of the people, the competence and the work of everyone. We respect the rules arranged and shared by all of us and we refuse superficiality each time we work together and also try to be respectful to each other.

Our goal is to make “state-of-the art” products and services on the market by always assuring a very high quality and proudly “made in Italy”. To do this we aim to do our best and without reserve.

It is a common saying that children take the game seriously, sometimes. They can not do otherwise. Game is imagination, discovery, passion and surprise. Just like a child that plays by disassembling, assembling again and try to find out new combinations, adults examine, plan and test their own ideas and verify the limits and correct the errors.
We have never met adults who did not play with Lego during their childhood. Nowadays, the small “bricks” we play with are more complicated than before but to reach a goal and “build” something great we still need passion and diligence.
No matter our role nor work we do.
Doing things in a serious way does not mean doing in a boring way, so GOOD WORK AND HAVE FUN!

Fasi di lavorazione

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